There’s many modern interpretations of Tamagotchi on the market right now, but none really evoke that beautiful strange joy the original did. There’s something soulless and consumerist about them, designed to take as much money from children as possible. I wanted to make something that evokes the same joy those little hand held toys felt like, but on your phone.


The book I'm most proud of. Daisies was written, drawn and printed while I was the artist in residence at the School of Visual Art's Risoloab. This book is the culmination of months of nonstop work, and my passion to make the coolest book I could.


Pinball is my ongoing graphic novel, and the best way I know to describe it, is "cutesy sports manga, about pinball". I'm pulling from many influences with this comic, most notably sports manga. This comic is goofy, silly, and a little melancholic.