OK! KO! Game
I really think video games are the highest form of art. They include every medium in some way, and use them together in such a harmonious way. I’ve known forever that I wanted to make, or work on games in some capacity someday, and now that I have the skills to make a 3D game it feels great. OK! KO! Let’s be Heroes is a really cute and great show, and I’m so happy about the game I made for it. I got to make a little slice of the show people can live in, and that makes me very proud.


Unity is a powerful, and free video game Engine. After learning how to 3D model I knew I wanted to branch into video games, and interactive design. The proccess of learning the basics of Unity was quicker than I was expecting, and within a few weeks, I was able to create assets in 3D, export them to Unity, and apply textures, and shaders to them. This extra time allowed me to work longer on the graphics and polish them to where I wanted them.

Concept art

I spent time watching and studying the art of OK! KO! Let's Be Heroes. I wanted to faithfully, and accurately translate the show to 3D. This concept art was the basis for the whole project, and later became my in game asset.

Asset Creation

Interiors of the Bodega from the game. Rendered in Blender.

Final Game in Unity

fine tuning graphics in Unity is a very different process than say in other 3D software, or Photoshop. Everything must run in real time, which makes everything have to be carefully made, and polished in a very different way. I was initially discouraged by this, but spent a long time using post processing effects to reach a version of the game I was proud of.