Tamagotchi App
There’s many modern interpretations of Tamagotchi on the market right now, but none really evoke that beautiful strange joy the original did. There’s something soulless and consumerist about them, designed to take as much money from children as possible. I wanted to make something that evokes the same joy those little hand held toys felt like, but on your phone.

User Research

Tamagotchi is an classic brand. The original handheld devices that captured the imagination of kids all the world first appeared in 1996,  and was a toy and device you carried with you. When making my personas, I knew I needed to design for two age groups, those who were nostalgic for the Tamagotchi brand, and kids who had never heard of it but would absolutely be interested in it. This presents the problem of how to approach aesthetics. Tamagotchi had very unique, cute, and fun art (for the time), but most of that art wouldn't fly today with adults, or kids, and most of it was influenced directly by technology. So I knew I needed something cool, and beautiful that would gets kids attention, but something reminiscent of the original art, to get the attention of nostalgic adults.


The wire-framing process began after I did some research into the original Tamagotchi designs. I found an ancient design document that outlines the basic functions of the Tamagotchi, and how user interact with it. The process was broken down into three categories, play, rest, and food. These were the sacred interactions to keep your Tamagotchi alive, healthy, and happy. I wanted to keep on boarding brief, and focus on customization.

Asset Creation

All assets (minus some buttons) are 3D in my app. I use a software called Blender, and spent a long time studying the pixel art of the original series, and translating the little characters into 3D models.

App Screens

Here are my final app screens. After doing my research, creating wire frames, and 3D/2D assets, I designed, and laid out my app prototype in Adobe XD. The final is a cute, fun, colorful world. The app is designed to appeal to children and nostalgic adults.